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About Us

About STL Residences

STL Residences is the brainchild of Kevyn Gandaho, a social innovator and entrepreneur. The idea for STL Residences was born out of a desire to challenge the status quo in the St. Louis, Missouri real estate market. For too long the business had remained stagnant, resisting change and forward thinking. STL Residences leverages the latest developments in technology to find the absolute best deals for clients. We work with both buyers and sellers of real estate and also act as property managers for those looking to make rental properties a part of their portfolio. Any undertaking having to do with property is a mammoth exercise where there are hundreds of details one has to take care of, the process is a daunting but by investing in a relationship with us our clients ensure that everything will go as smoothly as possible.

Most firms would tip toe around their lack of experience, but the thing is we’re not most firms. We’re STL Real Estate. We’re bringing in new ideas, fresh blood, and a kind of competition the market hasn’t ever seen. Our team is comprised of individuals dedicated to more than just making a profit; these are people who want their environment to be a product of their actions and not the other way around. Contact us any time to set up a meeting and we can work out a solution for your real estate needs.

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